5 Easy Ways to Declutter Your Calendar Now!



Do you dread looking at your calendar because it is a disorganized jumble of crossed out cancelled or rescheduled meetings?

Do you experience a sense of dread at the thought of trying to make sense of it all or trying a new way of scheduling?


If you do, then you’re a lot like me.  That is, until I finally had had it with my unruly calendar stressing me out on a daily basis and decided to do something about it!

And you know what?  It didn’t take much time to do at all and my calendar is no longer my nemesis.  Instead it has turned into a trusted source of guidance to get me through my days on time and on schedule!


So here are my 5 ways to declutter your calendar now!  Are you with me?  Let’s do this thing!

  • Stop writing down every little thing!  Things that you habitually do every day like drive the kids to school or pick up a coffee do not need to take up valuable space on your calendar.  I found that when I stopped writing every tiny detail or task my calendar really cleaned up and it was a lot less stressful to look at it!
  • Decide what it is that you really need to remember and know that you will forget if you don’t write it down!  I write in doctor and dentist appointments, meetings with school, sport schedules, and of course hair appointments because I know I need a reminder.
  • Keep a separate calendar for business.  I have two calendars.  One for personal stuff and one for my dog walking business.  This way, my calendars never look like they are cluttered and chock full without a minute to spare!
  • Use a pencil or erasable ink!  My schedule inevitably goes through several revisions on a weekly basis.  I used to write everything in pen, but then I found myself crossing out and writing in columns with arrows pointing every which way which made a complete mess of things.  By using pencil, I can easily move things around without making myself crazy!
  • Plan ahead when possible.  I know, I am the worst at this but since I have been really giving it the “old college try” it really has made my weekdays less hectic.  I choose a specific day for grocery shopping and plan meals ahead of time.  I also block out a chunk of time to meet with clients or make phone calls to schedule meetings.  In this way, I am not jumping all over the place.  Instead, I know that on Tuesday mornings, I grocery shop and on Thursday mornings I meet or call clients.

If you have any suggestions about ways that you wrangle your calendar into submission, leave a comment below!





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