Autumn Fun Bucket List For Dogs!

Autumn/Fall fun for you and your dog


Fall is the time of year that I love to get outside with my dogs!  Here is an Autumn Fun Bucket List of ideas to enjoy with your favorite four-legged friend (dog) which will keep your weekends busy and full of fall fun!

Pumpkin Picking

Find a dog-friendly pumpkin patch to romp and pick pumpkins together!  And after you carve your Jack-O-Lantern, bake some scrumptious pumpkin doggy treats!


Pumpkin picking with your dog

Visit a winery


Fall activities with your dog visiting a winery

Enjoy a glass of wine and walk among the vines with your pup at a dog-friendly winery!  Believe it or not, they exist!  Check out Cork Hounds to find one near you.  Be sure to practice good doggy etiquette and review any pup policies before visiting.  


Apple Picking

Take a trip to the orchard to pick some fresh apples (then make apple dog treats!)

Apple Picking with your dog - Fall fun ideas

As always, if your dog is well-behaved and on a leash, many apple orchards are dog-friendly.  There are plenty of apple dog treat recipes to whip up once you get those apples home, but the seeds may be toxic so keep them away from your pooch!


Discover a new hiking location!


Hiking with your dog

When the air turns crisp, I love to be outdoors with my dogs!  Hiking through the woods is a favorite activity of ours, so why not scope out a new locale to enjoy!


Dogs are welcome at many off-season locations!

Find dog-friendly accommodations, and plan a quick getaway without the worry of finding a pet sitter at the last minute!

Pet-Friendly travel destinations for you and your dog!
Off-Season Travel to Pet-Friendly destination!

Bring Fido along for the trip!  Many vacation destinations welcome four-legged guest during their off season.  Just find a pet-friendly hotel located near a beach and enjoy the sand and surf together!


Make a pile of leaves to jump and play in!


Fall bucket list for you and your dog!
Jumping in leaves is fun with your dog!


Relive your childhood and make the mundane chore of raking up all those leaves into a fun event for you and your dog!  Jumping and throwing leaves is just as much fun for you as for your pooch!


Throw a “Howl-oween” party


Fun with your dog! Howl-oween party!


Who doesn’t love a Halloween party?  But, a “Howl-oween party is for the dogs!  Invite your friends and their dogs for a howling, haunting time!


Attend a Halloween-themed outdoor festival or parade!


Just jump on the internet and search for dog-friendly outdoor events and I’m sure you’ll find a bunch!  I certainly did!


Halloween dog parade costumes!


Have Brunch Outside with your Dog!

Have Brunch at dog-friendly restaurants!

There are many dog-friendly eating establishments to choose from on the website

Simply type in the city you are interested in and find restaurants, events and activities in your area which are all dog-friendly!  The website is a must for dog lovers and their dogs!



OK, well there you have my Bucket List of fun fall activities for you and your dog!  Pick a few or do them all, you’ll have a great fall season to remember for years to come.  And who knows, you may begin an autumn tradition!

Don’t forget your camera!  Send me some pictures and leave comments below detailing all the fun you had!  If you have any suggestions to add to the list, leave them as well!


Until next time!



Autumn/Fall fun for you and your dog






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