Peace of Mind for You & Your Pets!


Considering hiring a dog walker or pet sitter?  Here’s what you can expect from me:

Peace of mind –  Your pet is family and that is exactly how I care for your fur baby.  Just request my references and learn exactly what my clients are saying about the service I provide.

Customized service –  I work with you to personalize a plan which satisfies all your needs. Dates, times, lengths of visits – I will do my best to exceed your expectations. From 2 mile jogs to 15 minute potty-breaks just let me know what you would like and let me do the rest!

On Vacation or Away on Business?   Rest assured that your pet is comfortable and content with updates and photos texted right to your phone.

Know how your dog’s day went – At the end of each walk, potty-break, or daycare outing I send you updates, photos, or leave a note on your kitchen counter informing you of how your fur baby’s day went.

I am your service provider, always!  Know that no one but me will be caring for your pet regardless of the service being provided.

Availability.  I will try to accommodate  any reasonable request.  Emergency on-call service is also available for existing clients in the event of an emergency.  Simply call or text me.

For all Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Services:  dogs must be non-aggressive and not have barking or behavioral issues. All dogs are required to have received all standard vaccinations, provide proof of rabies vaccination and be flea and tick free. Proof of vaccinations will be required. In the interest of the well-being of other dogs, please be sure your dog is not sick prior to using any dog service.

Scheduling:  Appointment time is on a first-come-first-serve basis.  Walk times are flexible and there are no fixed arrival or departure times.  For example, if you want your walk at 11am I will make every effort to be there at that time.  However, I reserve the right to arrive with 1 hr before or after the requested time based on day to day circumstances.

Payment:  Cash or checks accepted.  Payment for dog walking is requested at the start of the walk week.  For example, if your walking schedule is Monday, Wednesday, Friday, payment would be due on Monday for all three days.

Cancellation:  24 hour notice is required for cancellation of scheduled walks.  I realize that sometimes this is not possible, but if it becomes a recurrent issue you will be charged for the walk.  Also, if frequent cancellations and/or rescheduling occur, I reserve the right to cancel our dog walking agreement.

Inclement Weather:  If the temperature is about 90F or below 32F I will use my judgement as to whether it is suitable walking conditions.  Also, if raining or snowing the walk may be shortened, however, time will be spent indoors with pet instead.  There may be times when the weather is severe and I am unable to safely drive to your home.

When your furry family member is with me, rest assured they are in competent hands. My furry clients enjoy walks tailored to their age, energy level and fitness level along with plenty of stop & sniff time. Lots of love & belly rubs make my furry four-legged clients the happiest dogs around!

Dog Walking Rates

Private single dog walk $18.00/30 minute walk

Each additional dog from same household is $8.00

Holiday Rates:  Private single dog walk $30.00/30 minute walk




Need a pet sitter to pamper your fur baby while you enjoy some well deserved rest & relaxation?  No worries, tell me what you need and allow me to give your pet the care they deserve & you expect all within the comfort of your own home.

Pet Sitting Rates

$18.00 per visit

Additional $8.00 per visit for more than one pet

Holiday Rates:  Please call for quote


Drop-In Visits/Potty Break Rates

15 minute drop-ins/Potty Breaks are available for $12.00

Holiday Rates:  Please call for quote


Does your pet need to get to a grooming appointment, but you don’t want to use your car?  Give me a call and I will shuttle your pet to where they need to be!  Groomers, routine veterinary appointments etc.  Call for quote.